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Hello all,

You may remember a while back that I ended up helping Adam Savage on his jaw-dropping Rasputin Mechaglove after starting a build thread asking about the prop. Well, my own copy of the thing is still waiting to be assembled but, I thought I'd see if anyone else would be interested in copies of the parts I modeled for the project, directly printed from my master files. After test-printing some of the models on my own printer I've decided to offer a small run in separate "sets" to spread out costs, beginning with the parts that are hardest to scratch-build. Each set will be printed in grey or silver plastic.


Due to the extremely small details in a couple areas (like the knurling and runes) these parts put an incredible amount of mechanical stress-wear on the machine, so I don't want to make this a large run. Maybe 5 kits or so.

Set # 1: The Scorpion Cage
Cost will be $190 shipped. See photos below. This is the part that goes on the back of the hand and includes the box (hollow for optional lights and motor) with hinge, rune rings and vinegaroon. (I might decide to cast the "rune rings" in resin and if I do, I'll cast-in a correct stone-like texture. I also want to tune the vinegaroon's legs a bit when I start printing proper because a couple leg ends came out wonky, but it's supposed to be embedded in resin anyway so it doesn't matter if it isn't perfect.)

The Scorpion Cage would also kinda make a neat display even if you're not planning on making the entire glove.

Set # 2: The Aluminum Cages
Cost will be $170 if ordered with the scorpion cage (+20 if ordered at later date). This is a set of the six "aluminum cages" you find around the glove. The knurling on these parts make them absolute murder for my printer calibrations, so It is only available to those that get set #1.

Set#3: The glass tube rings and fingers
Cost will be: $230 if ordered with another kit (+20 if ordered at a later date) This is a pretty big set comprising of all the rings for the various glass tubes, the gauge housing and the five fingertips. I recommend getting special glass tubes blown after you receive this kit to be certain of the fit (if that's what you intend to do).

Below are photos of the parts. These parts are shown raw off the printer, with only support material removed and no cleanup or sanding. As with all 3d printed kits, you will need to remove support material, do some sanding and use a good filler-primer to get a glass-smooth surface. (Note though, that my prints are generally known to be much smoother than most other FDM prints you see.) The best glue to use when assembling raw parts is Acrylic cement (such as "Acrifix 116"), but epoxy and superglue work as well.

Send me PM titled "Mecha Parts" if you'd like a set.

Photos of set #1


And here's a render of the 3d model.

Photo of the cage in set #2 (you get SIX of these total in the set)

Render of the fingertips and other glass tube rings in set#3.

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Re: Hellboy MECHAGLOVE parts project

I decided to add the second set to the offering right away instead of waiting.


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Nice job . Hey do you by any chance offer the Hellboy cell key anymore ? Be int in one
Thanks. :)

I can print you up a cell key kit, but it would be static or manual (I can't guarantee the automatic popout function but you could probably slide it manually). I haven't done one in a while so I can't say the exact cost, but most likely $100-150 with shipping. If this is OK, let me know and I will dig up the files when I get back to my shop on Monday.