Hellboy makeup in progress


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this is not the hellboy from the movie, I'm looking at the comic book and artworks.
im eager to start detailing but i'd like some feedback before i go to far to make changes.
Those are the holes for the stump, i might use some silicone putty and take an impression from a tree stump.
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I've done a photo realistic Hellboy and have been (slowly) posting a pictorial progression thread titled Anung un Rama...you can look at what I have posted so far for any ideas.
I see you are doing your own take on him...Keep going with whatcha got,my Only suggestions would be a strong pore texture pattern and of course a facial Scar,these may lend a little more character and 'realism' to your project. And don't forget the mini tuft of hair on his chinnie chin chin.
Any questions I would be happy to help...

Much success to you!
Thank you, Mignola's style has a ton of breathing room.
I grabbed some oranges and lemon to make stamps for the pores and i'm really liking it.
as for questions, i haven't punched hair brfore and i'm looking for instructions now if you know any good ones.
Hopefully people identify it as the hellboy from the books.
again, thank you.

i'm just mulling over it now.
Tuesday, i'm going to build the walls and pour the ultracal.
if there are any remarks, speak now or forever hold you piece.
This is a slip-casting of latex, I'm most likely going to cast the prosthetic out in gelatin.
I wanted to do foam but i looked at the components in my kit and i think it might have spoiled.
i can still try the foam but I'll make sure i have the gelatin one first.
Thanks for the words of encouragement!
Man it looks sick from this picture. The hair lay even looks impressive. I love it man good job. If I had to give any small helpful criticism it would be more texture on the horns maybe but they look good anyway, just saying.
Your criticism is totally welcomed. Those horns look awful, i just took the picture before it sunk in.Thanks for following along and thanks for the encouragement.
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