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Hellboy Good Samaritan different versions of metal rounds

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to get attention from different people, I'm posting my project here as well since they are all on hand and ready to ship :)


different kind of Hellboy Samaritan bullets,
all handmade, from real brass, aluminium, and clear resin bullets.
the writings are actually stamped on with a laser etched steel stamp and a big big hammer to get the most authentic look possible with the material being pushed around the markings, iregular depth and small realistic variations. This also allows to keep the actual lathe concentric lines on the bottom of the casings, just like on the originals, which would have been harder with acid etching.
Each casing is treated with several steps of chemicals to achieve a nice realistic patina as I didn't want them to look like brand new shiny brass. the result has much more depth and interesting details that way :)

the bullets start at 49€ + shipping, there is a 10% off discount starting from 4 bullets :)
all details can be found on the project run thread here:

WIP thread here:

and my actual website to purchasse here:

thank you for your interest,
don't hesitate to contact me if you have any question :)



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bumping for new eyes, handmade brass casings hellboy bullets with stamped bottom and different custom tops is not something that you see everyday! grab them while they are available :)
remember, there is also a 10% discount when you buy 4 or more bullets :)


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Will these fit in the Sideshow 1:1 Samaritan?
Hi, I have no idea because I don't own one but I can tell you the measurments of the bullets however :)
they were made to fit the last run from Tip Top Workshop, but they are 22mm caliber, so I guess if the sideshow is also 22mm, it should be ok.

so, main diameter of the casings is 22mm, the lip on the back is just under 25mm. the casing is 30mm long and bullet around 30mm long too, depends on the exact type.

don't hesitate if you have more questions :)


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still available?
yes they are on my website, the link is in the first message or in the message above yours.
Not all types are still available though, all the "specials" are gone. I should redo some next year normaly.

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