Limited Run Hellboy Good Samaritan different versions of metal rounds


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Hello everybody,
I am back with a new small project :)

as I explained in my WIP thread a bit earlier:

I wanted a bit of a nice change of pace from my Star Wars projects, the Padme blaster is quite complicated to handle ;-) and I was in a bit of an Hellboy mood at the moment, I got quite excited by Tip Top workshop's Samaritan kit when he made it a few weeks back and it was one of my only pleasure expenses this year, that plus the bullets from last Propstore auction and the seriously amazing metal build from Adam Savage, really got me into a nice Hellboy phase.

When I received the Samaritan kit, I started updating it with some metal parts, the most obvious move from there was to do some metal bullets for added realism and a nice bit of extra weight!

so, here we go!

How are the bullet made and what are they made from?
The casings are actual brass that I turned on my metal lathe one by one, everything is detailled in the WIP thread for that.
the writings are actually stamped on with a laser etched steel stamp and a big big hammer to get the most authentic look possible with a material being pushed around the markings, iregular depth and small realistic variations. This also allows to keep the actual lathe concentric lines on the bottom of the casings, just like on the originals, which would have been harder with acid etching

each casing is treated with several steps of chemicals to achieve a nice realistic patina as I didn't want them to look like brand new shiny brass. the result has much more depth and interesting details that way :)

the bullets themselves, for the metal one are made from turned and polished aluminium, I chose to replicate the version showed at the last Propstore auction with all the lines on the bullet as I thought it looked different and played nicelly with the light


the clear bullets are 3D printed on an anycubic photon mono X, then sanded carefully on the lathe and polished to a high shine with a polishing wheel and super fine polishing compound.


What am I offering:
This first run consists of only around 40 bullets but I tried to offer as many variations as I could, worst case scenario (lol) the bullets sell fast and you guys can just tell me what you like most, or if you have other ideas and I can get back to work on them if there is interest for it :)

so far, I have all those variations:
- normal metal bullet with packaging
- normal metal bullet
- packaging kit for you to use with your own bullet or another bullet that I sell individually
- clear bullet
- "green glow" clear bullet, this is my try at replicating the green tracer bullet with no electronics. It's not as good as a light, but it gives very nice effects when moved around and you don't have to care for batteries and all that good stuff :)
- frosted with a metal tip
- and finally a few "one off" bullets with woods pieces, metal shavings, metal tips, bubbles... for those, what you see on the website photos is what you get :)

just a small disclaimer for those like me that purchassed Tip Top workshop's Samaritan, the bullets are made to fit the cylinder, however I can't promise anything regarding the paint thickness or anything.

here is small comparison with the original propstore sale:

Gluing the packaging kit:
as I explained in the WIP thread, finding a solution to glue the plastic to the paper was really difficult and I tested a lot of glues and techniques.
The plastic is PETG if you want to look for a better way on your own.

Otherwise, the best way that I found was mixing Acetone with the 3M/scotch green gel glue and applying it with a brush quickly before positioning it on the paper and pressing firmly everywhere until most of the spots where there is glue are clear and as much as possible free of bubbles. the glue alone would work too but I found that I got nicer result by diluting it around halfway with acetone. Acetone alone is also too liquid and dries to fast to do a proper job on its own.
I used blue painter's tape to mark clearly and precisely where the plastic would go and avoid any glue squeezing on the paper. I recomend that you use as much care as possible for all the steps of gluing that kit. I would even put paper strips under the perimeter of tape and leave just a tiny bit of tape sticky to actual stick on the paper to be as safe as possible not to tear off the paper when removing the tape.
I'll include several strips of paper and plastic for you to test, but I can't stress this enough, it's definitelly possible to get a result close to the film, but you have to use caution and precision :)

How eco-friendly did I manage to be this time?
As I explain on my website, I try to be as eco-friendly as possible. I live and work in a farm in the south of France, I have all kind of animals around me and we try to respect nature as much as possible.
This kind of work, let's be honest is not by definition eco-friendly since it's purelly for our enjoyment and not something we all need of course. that being said, I do my best to always use recycled and recyclable shipping materials and try to do as much as I can for the projects themselves.
In this case, I used FSC responsible papers, my printer in an Epson eco tank with refilable large ink cartridges. I use Anycubic plant based resin for my 3D printer which I hope is more eco friendly than most others and no material, tool or anything came from further than Germany for this project :)

All bullets are ranging from 49€ to 55€ for a few custom ones.
The packaged bullet is 65€
and the packaing kit is 16€
Same as for my Blade Runner badges, There is a 10% discount when you buy 4 or more bullets :) that way you can fill your cylinder for a bit cheaper :)
shipping is not included in the prices. Shipping cost worldwide should start at 10€ for one or two bullets. Make sure to create your account on the website and enter your address, shipping costs shown by default are for France if you are not connected.

Where to buy:
As usual, everything I sell can only be purshassed on my website,

I am obligated by the law to edit an invoice with all my sales, this goes exclusively through my website. It is easy for you, the website is perfectly secured and the payments completely handled by paypal. You just need to register, enter your shipping address, it will calculate shipping automatically and you can pay with paypal. You’ll then receive confirmations by mail for every step of the order and an invoice.

About shipping those metal bullets:
ok, so this is the first time I do this kind of project and shipping those might be a bit of a stress, I did my best to prepare, I'm no longer showing images of the products on the invoices included with the customs declaration and will be declaring them as "brass turned decorative object" or something like that. I think i'll include a paper inside the box with a couple photos of how they are made inside and a text to explain they are perfectly harmless, I'm saying inside the package because I don't want to directly show what is inside in case it just goes through customs smoothly. In case they scan, don't like it and open it, they will find the paper. I hope this sounds ok for everyone.
If you know that those are not going to cut it for your country, please just don't order them.

Bullets are all ready to ship and will start shipping on monday :)
Once again, there are limited numbers for now, do not hesitate to comment if you want more, want something different or anything :) I'm sure I can make something work in the next weeks if needed :)

All right, I hope that I didn't forget anything. Please don't hesitate to reach out to me for any question, i'll be happy to answer them or have a small chat with you as usual :)
I hope I didn't mess up anything with the website too, no rush though, if you get into trouble, get in touch with me and be patient about it, I encountered small issues before but managed to fix all of them so far :)



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Bumping for interest!

I did that today that I thought was cool. I left the back as is with texture from the saw and the old anvil as I thought it was more interesting that way. please tell me if this is something that would interest you guys. I'm guessing for around 10€ or so :)



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hey there,
just a quick bump and at the same time a small info, already 4 packages have made their way safely in the Uk and the US, so it seems those are not problematic to send internationaly so far, in case you were worried about that :)


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These look amazing, I know I’m a year late but I would love to buy some of these. Do you have any plans to make some more of the ‘Special‘ rounds?
Hi, thank you for your kind message,
I could do some more special some time because the normal rounds are clearly not selling. However, I don't really have the time at the moment because of the other projects. I'll probably try some day though.

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