Hellboy Facial makeup questions


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Hi guys. I'm making a Hellboy costume and i've got a couple of concerns that i'd like to address before i get too far into it. I've already made an articulated hand that i'm about to "fleshout" with eva and great stuff. I'll address the issues in bullet points below.
  • I'd like to figur eout the bald cap situation. The ones i've seen just look like someone pulled a wrinkly balloon over their heads.
  • The brow. He has quite a dominant brow with no eyebrows and i'd like to now have to shave mine off.
  • How do you blend your prosthetic pieces into your skin so you don't get that weird "skin peeling up" look?
  • I'm going to need to be about 5 inches taller. I'm only 5'8. I was thinking of copying a video i saw of a guy who made a war hammer costume with stilts for boots using PVC pipe, wood, and some rubber.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I'm going to try to post a video, but theres a chance you might be unable to see it. Its a video of my "Hellboy Skeleton Hand" so far.

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