Hellboy Comic Pistol (first build)


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Still a work in progress and looking pretty rough, but thought that I would share what I have done so far.

I wanted to make the Samaritan from the movies but with this being my first build I thought I would have a go at something a bit simpler. That being said I have made this probably as complicated as I could by making it with all moving parts! Mostly constructed out of MDF.

The barrel is made from 2 PVC tubes making the finished thing 40mm ID, 56mm OD! A bit of a beast... The ends where squared up and the groove cut on my lathe

Inside you can see the internals. It's taken a bit of trial and error to get it working smoothly but its working great. It's only going to be singling action mechanism but maybe one day I could mod it to double acting.

Grip will have a couple of grooves and the BPRD logo when finished.


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Sorry to resurect an old thread but I have finally found the time to finish this one off!
For my first build I'm really pleased with it.
The mechanism works really well. The hammer cocks, trigger fires and the release catch opens the chamber.
The rifled bore measures ~35mm so the ammo looks more like its from a grenade launcher than a pistol! I based it on "Chapel of Moloch" when you finally see Hellboy reload.
For the paint job I was going for a worn down gun blue, trying to focus on where the wear patterns would be.
It took a lot of different processes tomake and it taught me a load. Really looking forward to the next project now!



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Wow! Thanks! The paint job was:
Metallic steel spray
Light dusting of Matt black spray
Numerous passes of black acrylic paint and wiping it off (a little brown too)
Then varying intensities of dry brushing metallic paint.

Still need to clear coat it. Also going to remake the BPRD emblems in the grip on a 3d printer when i get it, as they are not good

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Haha! That would likely have been easier!
The barrel as a whole is made from 2 PVC pipes, 1 to get the OD and 1 for the ID to make it nice and thick.
The rifling was made from 1mm styrene sheet. I marked out inside and on the end of the barrel where each strip should go, then super glued it in place. It was really difficult as this put a lot of stress in the styrene so it wanted to come off and straighten itself. If I had a heat gun I would have pre formed the strip to the shape of the inside of the barrel, or just done straight rifling!!!

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