Hellboy 2 costumes and SDCC 2011


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So initially I posted this in the sdcc thread but my pics don't really fit into that thread and didn't even show up when I did post them. So I'm creating my own thread. I've decided to put it here because they are mostly of our costume anyway. :cool

We went as Nuada and Nuala from Hellboy 2. We've only worn these costumes once before a few years ago and this time around we perfected the makeup a bit more.

The costumes are both made form all silk and the armor is wonderflex. In the future we'd like to use leather or maybe even do a scuplt and casting with something else like silicon or the like....but for now.......we're pretty happy with how they turned out.










Thanks everyone!

Yeah the Dagobah Luke was awesome hehehe!

You guys looked great! So bummed I didn't see you at the con!

I KNOW!! We didn't get to see hardly any RPF'ers. Ah well. I saw your photos with the new doctor and you all looked amazing!!!!!

Also....my pictures have stopped showing up again.....is this an issue on my end or the RPF? They were there the other day. :(

EDIT: My pics are back......so weird.
I saw you guys cruising around but I was in a hurry and couldn't come and comment on your costumes...but now I can. Awesome job! Love those characters and those costumes!
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