Heavy D dies at 44


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Yeah, man. He never attained "super star" status, but he was a solid presence, and is definitely worth mentioning in any discussion of old school Hip-hop. Forty four isn't old AT ALL. Crazy stuff.


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I wouldn't call Heavy "Old School hip-hop". I'd say more "New Jack Swing" than anything.

I can see why you'd say that. He did do a lot of work with Teddy Riley and was a major part of the New Jack Swing movement, also, but he was around before that. And, if you wanted to include up to about '93-'94* under the definition of "old school", he was still present afterwards.

*I feel that the major swing towards what the kids are calling Hip-hop nowadays began around this time.

Jet Beetle

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Gone but not forgotten.
Probably best known for -

[Rap Performed By Heavy D]
Jam Jam
Here Comes The Man
Hot Damn
The Big Boy Stands
Movin' Up A Hand
Makin' Funky Tracks
With My Man
Michael Jackson
Smooth Criminal
That's The Man
Mike's So Relaxed
Mingle Mingle Jingle
In The Jungle
Bum Rushed The Door
3 And 4's In A Bundle
Execute The Plan
First I Cooled Like A Fan
Got With Janet
Then With Guy
Now With Michael
Cause It Ain't Hard To...

3:29 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JbHI1yI1Ndk&ob=av2e
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