Heath Ledger/ Joker Bust. W.I.P


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Well, i wasn't going to post this just yet as after this initial stage, the rest of it will get delayed due to me moving house and having a lot of painting and flooring to do amongst other things, but i decided to show progress so far.

The Bust is by Kevin (coofunkcurly),which was the one that all started with a lifecast and then worked on an 3D printed, i then had this shipped directly to Steve (streetjudge79) who has just finished his work on it, i had him paint it up after seeing the great work he did on a previous joker bust, i ordered the eyes from Tech-Optics and had them shipped directly to him.

Im very happy with the end result, and again would like to say a big thanks to him. Now, once I'm more settled into the new home i will be doing the hair myself, i will be buying a real human haired laced wig, and then it will be the clothing. I'm not sure just yet whether it will be a half torso bust of a full sized job.

Anyway, i will hopefully start the hair in a few months.....until then, hope you like the start of it.







A photo with the eyes taped into place


Eyes in


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