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Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by Rogue428, Jun 28, 2006.

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    Apologies if someone else has posted this before....

    At my local theater, after the movie they were giving out free "Daily Planet" issues with the headline "Superman Returns".

    These are printed on newsprint stock and are slightly smaller than a real newspaper... I will try and get a picture of mine and post that up a little later. Really something that looks nice and evokes the same feel and the Spidey Daily Bugle papers.


    There's the picture. Keep your eyes peeled. I almost missed this as I was walking out. I heard a kid's mom say, "Go get your Daily Planet" and turned and saw a stack of them.
  2. Apollo

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    Cool freebie.
  3. LewisD

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    Any chance someone could make a high quality scan so a more acurate prop can be made...minus all the movie promotional garbage?
  4. Funky

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    Double heads up...most comic book shops in your area have stacks of them for free. We gave out a few at our last prop party.

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