Headphones made from the husks

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    In a film I saw headphones made out of bullet husks. So I decided to do it yourself. I know it's not something amazing but i want share with you my idea.
    If someone likes the idea, can take a look at my fanpage Magnus Workshop and leave Like :)

    After the reenactment I have much of husks, so I used them as base. Next using a very small drill (1.5mm) have carried holes on cable.

    IMG_20150602_205431.jpg IMG_20150602_205510.jpg IMG_20150602_205538.jpg

    And using a soldering iron placed speakers at the new location.
    At the end I founded the plastics elements and rubber bands and this is the end result:

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    Cool idea.
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    I do like that idea, if i could use ear buds i'd go for this look too.

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