Head armature for sculpting?

Discussion in 'Sculpture and Makeup Effects' started by spiderfan11, Apr 4, 2012.

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    Anyone know where I could get an armature for sculpting on that is around 23" around? I found these Composite Effects on CFX, but they are only 21.5 inches around, which is WAY to tiny for my head.

    I know I could make my own, but I'd much rather just buy one as I don't have the necessary skills or the help to cast up my own head.

  2. 88OrBust

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    Check out Burman Industries I believe they are selling one a little bigger than that. Also check out BITY Mold Supply they may be selling a bigger one also.
  3. spiderfan11

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    Thanks, I'll check them out! In the meantime if anyone else has recommendations for other places, I'd appreciate it. I don't think I'll be buying this immediately, so I'd like to choose the BEST option.
  4. FutureorBust

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    This may be a bit late, but if your sculpting for a silicone mask the CFX one will work fine. But for latex you need something a bit bigger.
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    if your trying to find one that's around the same size as your head why not plater cast your own head. sounds like a cheaper easier and more effective solution then spending $50 to $100 on something that might not work for you

    ha would have helped if i had finished reading the first post before i put my two sense in but either way good luck
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    I have the BITY armature---it's about 23". The only problem for me (since I wanted to sculpt a cowl on it), is the head is tilted back a lot more than the CFX armature, and the neck is a little short. I wound up chopping the head off, resetting the angle and adding a spacer to get it where I wanted.

    The CFX armature can still work for you, even if it is smaller---you just have to add clay until you've brought it up to your head size, then start your sculpt. Just takes more clay, but it worked fine for me.
  7. NormanF

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    That is literally half the reason I entered that Walking Dead contest last month: hoping they let you keep your head mold they use for making the mask/prosthetics.

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