He-man MOTU sword film Lock display

so after making the massive sword from the MOTU film i want to find an equally cool way to display it... i want to put together some still and designs to make it and would like some ideas on what you guys think.. i am a bit backed up and would also like to add that is someone would like to help undertake this i can send them a sword for working with... and then they can keep it :)



ive been doing a lot of research on this and i can only find close ups of the top of the lock... but when you watch the video you can see that a large part of the front flashes red... i dont know if its from lights on the inside reflection off the blade or what...
any ideas?


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I was thinking of displaying mine like this when I can eventually afford to buy one! Wish I could jump on this but wouldn't know where to start!
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