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Got in a piece I have been wanting to add to the collection for a long time.

I am not a big fan of Predator 2 as a movie, but the props wowed me as a kid and I have wanted a good copy of the helmet for years. My understanding is that this is a direct cast from a stunt mask that was later sold through Profiles in History in 2010 you can still find the link to the mask here:


While you can match up a number of things on the helmet, even some paint wear, which does seem to indicate that it is a mostly unaltered casting, it does have issues. Many of the details that appear to be sharp on the original are much softer here, indicating that the helmet went through a number of generations of casting which also brings size into question.

The paint job is also just atrocious. It is extremely dull, to the point of being matter in finish. A few minutes with Novus plastic polish did wonders for the finish giving it the more glossy look seen on the original, but honestly, it just needs a completely new coat of paint.

Additionally, the mesh in the eyes was installed with the grip oriented vertically as opposed to horizontally as is seen on the original mask.

Still, this IS off an original and unless I can find an earlier copy, this will be my representation of the helmet from Predator 2. Not great, but not terrible.

These aren't identical comparisons, but a general compare of the HCG replica (left) with the original stunt helmet (right). Again, not perfect, but not bad.




Words can't describe the accuracy of the replica only a few details here and there may of been weathered out over the years. However, this is as good as it gets.
It has been 7 years since I posted this helmet.

I finally had it repainted by Jackson Rupert. I have always hated the paint job on the helmet (although HCG did match their source helmet pretty well) as it never reflected anything close to what is seen on screen.

Lens mesh has been replaced with a more accurate type and LEDs replaced with real lasers. Loving this one a lot more now.


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