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    Hi guys!

    I've been "hovering" around the forums for a while but This is my first proper post so please, be gentle!

    ive recently purchased the HC Mags and Hoverboard (and also their version of the Marty Jacket), and I had a few questions:

    hate the big toe boot look on the mags, I've read some about "toe slimming", but in your guys opinions, what is the best and easiest method? I'm not too great at DIY type things.

    Ive also purchased Mark Poons Nike decal and strap EL upgrade strap(which seem great by the way) but before I install them, I wanted to get the look of the shoe better. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

    Also, for the HC Hoverboard, wanted to get some Mattel decals to apply, but I'm unsure on the size they should be? Found someone selling some on eBay but don't wanna get them the wrong size http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&alt=web&id=161807476132&globalID=EBAY-GB

    Also so I read about an Hoverboard upgrade kit for the HC Hoverboard, with the fluffy strap etc. anyone know where I can get this from? Can't find anything On eBay (I'm based in UK)

    quite a few mods I'd like to make but these will keep me busy for now!

    thanks in advance

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    I made these Mattel logos 55mm to fit the HC Hoverboard.

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