Haystack Hair's MPC Millennium Falcon Conversion MK.II


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Well as I'm sure the majority of you are aware, I've been working pretty tirelessly on producing a very comprehensive resin and PE upgrade kit for the MPC.

This long journey started way back in the depths of 2013, when I bought my first MPC Falcon.

At the time I didn't have huge plans for it and i know many keenly followed the progress of it; I have to say truthfully that without all the encouragement and advice of you fellow modellers, I would never have had the motivation to bring an upgrade kit to you, and to now attempt what I hope will be one of the most ambitious MPC Falcon conversions yet.

I'm basing my new conversion entirely from the ANH 5 footer that we know and love; so far I have fixed the hull curvature (a surprisingly easy correction), amended some proportion issues, and detailed the rear deck.
Obviously I will use my own resin upgrade kit for everything that it provides, with a little modification to some parts, seeing as I have adjusted the proportions of the kit.

I bought this kit from ebay for something quite cheap, but i found on arrival that the whole thing had been given a really thick coat of gloss enamel. I decided to work with it as you will see later on, however I started off by removing the moulded engine vents

I then used the CG model of the 5 footer which I found in a thread on this site (I'll add a link in for it later, the name of the modeller whose excellent work this is temporarily escapes me) which I then scaled to the size of the MPC and printed out. This has actually been invaluable so far so I really recommend following blueprints and diagrams on projects like this

I adjusted the proportions accordingly, and worked out where were the best places to cut so that the hull curvature would only affect the hull. I also discovered that contrary to popular belief, the cockpit tunnel is in fact the correct size on this kit, what makes it look too small is the fact that the mandibles are too long, and so is the cockpit tunnel itself. So naturally I will correct this later.

I next cut a set of foamex ribbing to form a frame that would correct the hull curvature. Most people shy away from this, but it's actually a very simple fix with this method, you just need a lot of clamps and that's about it. It also takes up next to no space inside the model, unlike the PVC piping frame which I've seen some do.

Now THIS is a bit I'm dead pleased with, I found a sheet of very thin brass, thin enough that I can cut it with scissors without too much hassle, and then I started to plate the outer rim of the ship with these new brass plates.

My reasoning? If you want it to look like damaged metal.....use damaged metal

I spent an entire day carefully planing away the detail moulded on the engine deck. It's honestly such an arduous task but It has to be done. I sanded it as smooth as I could be bothered and then started kitbashing. I've been collecting kits in the correct scale, and also parts which just look useful, for several months now, so the detailing process only took three days or so but I am thoroughly proud of it. I'm not going to prime the model until I am absolutely sure it's ready for paint, so in the meantime you will also be able to draw inspiration from what I used.
I also just love the colour variations....it's so genuine and.....hands on yaknow??

This is me and John working on three Falcon projects in our old school workshop

So that's where I'm at right now! I'm very excited by it all, so stay tuned.....

Oh and did I mention that it's going to have full lights, sound, servos and accelerometers? ;)


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Now THIS is a bit I'm dead pleased with, I found a sheet of very thin brass, thin enough that I can cut it with scissors without too much hassle, and then I started to plate the outer rim of the ship with these new brass plates.

My reasoning? If you want it to look like damaged metal.....use metal,

great minds, I am going to do similar with my hasbro , I think the blaster damage looks better in brass, I might go slightly thicker :) yours looks great


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Wow....brilliant job HH......cant wait to see her with primer

You've got loads of space there in your old school



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Do you have any kits that you favor for kit-bashing? I'm looking to pick some up for my falcon.

I'll take a photo for you tomorrow. Most of the kits I use are 1/72nd or 1/144th versions of the kits used on the original ILM models. Things like Panzers, Shermans, F1 cars etc.
1/700th boats are also useful, you really want to be looking solely at WWII German/American/British tanks and 1970s motorsport cars, that's almost the only stuff used.


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I'm on a Falcon high at the moment, the upgrade kits are burning ahead full steam with casting and design. Working on a 1/72nd Finemolds for a commission....and of course this lil sucka

John turned a vac-forming buck for the new cockpit. This will be another small upgrade kit when I'm done, it'll include the interior as well. As you can see, it fits BOTH the MPC and the Finemolds like a glove

I also installed my own resin sidewalls

The whole thing is coming together really fast I think....but it's the culmination of 2 years of work


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That looks awesome! My old mpc falcon I built back in early high school is now currently hanging in my nephews room. Time to get a new mpc kit I reckon.

That thin brass sheet you found is shimstock. We use it to align pumps, motors, engines, etc. you can pick up lots of different thicknesses too including aluminium and stainless. You can pick it up from engineering supply shops.


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I've been tanking it on this one over the past few weeks....
I got sent another MPC hull in exchange for some parts by a modeller on Facebook, so here's a side-by-side comparison of the engine deck, and yes I did indeed prime the new deck, and as you may well see I sprayed it outside in 0ºc and so it looked like sand......SIGH......still, in some places I think it actually looks quite good, the Falcon is always painted very battered but every version is missing texture, so I'm going to embrace this accident and work with it

Insert wells all complete for the upper hull now (I photographed the forward well by the cockpit but it's so black that you can't see any detail whatsoever)

OH and by the way....how about some electronics ??



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Today I took the actuator rods off, I'll replace them with metal rod I reckon. I'm still trying to work with the paint texture problem, I think a lot of it will have to be rationalised in the final painting but I'm going to clean it as much as I can before that

(look at that curvature ;) )

Tomorrow I'm going to laser cut an internal frame structure....has to be lightweight and leave plenty of space for electronics. I'll do a test cut in MDF first and if all goes well then I'll see about doing it in either acrylic or aluminium



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Got the frame cut today, I got lucky first time round! Everything fits perfectly, I added some little spacers at the front to keep it in the correct vertical alignment, and some 100mm clear acrylic pipe to keep the hulls spaced evenly. The mandibles are purposely undersized to allow room for the resin pieces and electronics, and the wells are over sized so that there's plenty of leeway for my resin inserts

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