Hayseed Junkrat cosplay [ Overwatch ]


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This project took over 2 years as I kept upgrading it. Love the skin design so much! ❤




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(The rest are shot by myself)


Construction notes:


  • Mostly eva foam; heat formed around a cast of my head
  • Foam sealed with Flexbond, painted with Angelus acrylics and finished with a satin acrylic clear coat
  • Hair dome is detachable from the mask (3 velcro+elastic attachments)
  • Pony tail section is detachable from the dome via velcro inside the grey band on one half of the circle; an LED battery pack for the two pony tail lights is stored inside that band in the other half of the space
  • Flickering LEDs are from those LED candles; I’ve removed the LEDs and re-wired them to some compact, thin button cell battery holders
  • Orange plastic sheet (document folder) for the lenses - sprayed with “CLEAR DE-FOG”
  • Vision is fairly limited, especially in low light with the LEDs on
  • RE: Breathing: There are gaps in the mouth hay and between the hay dome and mask at the top

Tyre, back mount and logs:
  • Hay is individual strips of eva foam glued on covering a foam base
  • Back panel removable, small items can be stored inside
  • Spikes are eva foam and worbla, attached with bolts and wing nuts (ended up being a hassle to screw them on/off, I should have tried something else)
  • Tyre attaches with a wooden peg that fits into a slot on the back mount - Apoxie Sculpt molded around the peg inside a PVC end cap which is bolted to the mount
  • Back mount is worbla heat-shaped over a bowl and eva foam
  • Logs rest on a metal bracket bolted inside the back mount, there is also webbing bolted on which wraps around the logs to secure them
  • Logs are eva foam cylinders with scored and heated detailing
  • Logs can be dissembled for travel with a threaded plastic rod inside
  • Rope has been tinted with some acrylic paint

Singlet and waist wrap:
  • Cotton flannel ‘buffalo check plaid’ found on Etsy
  • Started the pattern by cutting up a cheap plain singlet, transferred that basic shape to paper then drafted the rest
  • Shoulder straps have strips of eva foam inside to make them sturdier, these are embedded inside the clips
  • Clips and patches are eva foam
  • I ironed on fusable interfacing to the patches and clips to try sewing them on but had some issues with the edges not sitting flat so finished them off with some glue
  • Darkened areas of the flannel with some watered down fabric paint, sponged on
  • Bottom raw edges were coated with 'Fray Stoppa’
  • Rivets are googly eyes
  • Waist wrap fabric is from the right pant leg cut off! The original colour of the pants is close enough and has a nice linen texture; dug out some fabric from my stash for the backing to make it sturdier; features sewn-in snaps
  • Attached a clip and keyring combo to the rope with electrical tape

Arm armour and hand:
  • Eva foam and worbla for fingers
  • Hand patterned by drawing onto a disposable rubber glove (should have allowed for wider gaps for better flexibility, also probably should have used eva foam instead)
  • Hand pieces completely separate from black under glove, joined together by elastic (this ended up being annoying to put on/take off, next time I make gloves I’ll try attaching the pieces directly to a glove)


  • Started off as 2nd hand linen pants found on Ebay; dyed darker brown
  • Rope and patches hot glued on
  • Weathered with some fabric paint
  • Hay thigh held in place with elastic that loops around a belt

Peg leg:
  • Pine furniture leg
  • Upper section is eva foam construction, front and sides only
    When posing my knee rests on a support inside - dowel screwed into the leg, part of a knee pad screwed into dowel (ended up trimming most of it off as it was too bulky), added some worbla to make a curve then some foam on top for padding
  • Elastic straps attached to secure it around my leg, also one longer strip goes up to my belt and loops around tightly

Red glove:
  • Started as a yellow leather glove bought on Ebay
  • Patterned a gauntlet cuff, made with eva foam; other details also foam
  • Painted with Angelus acrylics

  • More eva foam construction!
  • PVC pipe base
  • Jaws swivel open and closed

‘Bare’ foot shoe:
  • Traced around my foot to make a pattern, added a bit extra all the way around to ensure my foot doesn’t touch the ground
  • Clear PETG base cut with small holes drilled in for the straps (two overlapping like a cross at the middle, another over my big toe)
  • Eva foam added for padding/comfort, cut slightly smaller than foot, matching holes, taped on
  • Mesh fabric straps threaded through the holes, ends taped down (holes kept the fabric tight)

Detonator - 3D printed kit by @birchprops
  • Glued parts together
  • Hours of sanding the raw PLA
  • Sprayed layers of filler primer
  • Hours of wet sanding primer
  • Masked and sprayed the colours on then more sanding
  • Completely reconstructed the printed bracket from thermoplastic as I accidentally broke the section where it bends; fragile part that ideally should be actual metal. I think it has a bit more flex than the PLA now; screwed into the body
  • Drilled a hole into the bracket so the antenna could be attached with a screw
  • Drilled out a large cavity in the top of the main body underneath the button plate to make space for an LED and button cell battery holder
  • Drilled out holes for magnets to hold the plate on
  • Glued magnets onto the plate
  • Filled in the magnet holes with Apoxie Sculpt and squished in the magnets to help with making the holes the right depth and alignment
  • Made a new translucent button that can be illuminated to replace the original opaque one. Cut and sanded acrylic rod. Dyed red.
  • Drilled hole for button to fit into
  • Wired a red LED to a button cell (2) battery holder
  • Glued magnets into the 'metal’ ring at the top so it can swivel separately to the red cap
  • Cut, sanded and painted the orange and grey wiring
  • Drilled holes for the wiring to slot into
  • Made a thermoplastic cover piece for the grey wiring
  • Wrapped 2 different kinds of tape around; bottom layer is silver cloth tape, top is Scotch transparent tough tape for more noticable texture
  • Applied Rub n Buff to 'metal’ parts
  • Painted weathering details
  • Sprayed clear coat

Some progress shots:
Tried being a Junkrat main myself, for a bit. Super fun to play, but I wasn't nearly as good as I was at healing (oops).

Anyhow, clear passion on your part -- seriously awed by the finished product and the detailed build log!
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