Haynes Falcon Guide. Thoughts? Recommendations? Warnings?

Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by Timmythekid, Feb 2, 2012.

  1. Timmythekid

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    Yeah, pretty much sums it up, and not sure where to put this. Has anyone grabbed the new Haynes guide to the Falcon, and if so what's the verdict, particualrly on new floorplans?
  2. lonepigeon

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    I'm one of the artists on this book. I'm biased but I'd recommend it ;)

    The floor plans aren't exactly "new". They're based on the floorplan I designed for DK's Star Wars Blueprints Ultimate Collection (which is based on Incredible Cross Sections and the SW Gamer magazine article Secrets of the Falcon). The floor plan was refined a bit more for the Millennium Falcon 3D Owner's Guide before the Haynes manual too.
    Blueprints, the 3D Guide, and the Haynes manual are all done by the same creative team (including Chris Reiff who is also a RPFer and Ryder Windham, the author) so they all mesh together as cohesive resources.

    No Falcon floor plan can be perfect because of the impossibilities of the ship, but we've put in a lot of effort over the years to make it the best we could.

    Any questions? ... fire away! :)
  3. Timmythekid

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    Huh! RPF'rs involved in the project? Well that sells it, worries assuaged and I'm down for one then! Just as long as you guys didn't reference the West End plans :) I was always partial to the Selyna plans myself.
  4. Kingpin

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    I was considerably impressed with the level of detail put into the book, and I really enjoyed the renders of the cockpit panels, it was just a shame that the elevation illustration of the rear wall appeared to be missing a few control details that are usually obscurred by the cockpit seats.
  5. The_Blues

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    I own the book and I can really recommend it. It is obvious that it was made with a lot of enthusiasm and it turned out really interesting to read and browse through. Since it is rather low-priced, you can be sure to get your moneys worth.
  6. Stormy320

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    I look forward to picking up a copy.
  7. Haystack Hair

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    Sorry to bring up and old thread, but I just thought I should chip in XP
    My opinion is that it's been handsdown the most useful book I've ever had; used it for my Revell mods and my Lego remake, plus a cruddy scratch build I made and threw away

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