Hawkeye W.I.P for my 10 year old son


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Just before Halloween, my son expressed interest in a Hawkeye costume. We've been watching the Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes cartoon on Netflix and while my son still loves Ant-Man/ Giant-Man as his absolute favorite, Hawkeye has now caught his attention as well.

Unfortunately, my son is also special needs. He has serious behavior and social issues. Due to this, he ended up in a psych center for evaluation and stabilization. I had begun his Hawkeye costume prior to his hospitalization, but he missed out on Halloween so I scrapped the costume and started over, putting more focus on it then I would have for a one off Halloween costume.

He's expressed an interest in using it for paintball with me, intending to hunt tanks with his Nerf bow. I've asked around at our local fields and so far, they've all said they'd allow it since the launchers that are normally used to kill tanks fire Nerf rockets anyhow.

Enough back story though....here's some pics of what we have so far...

I've kept the mask I had been working on when he was still home. One pic is him test fitting it. I've since made the eye holes larger for him.

I've nearly completed the torso. I need to finish the belt and complete the quiver and then attach it. After that, I'll begin working on the boots.
My son was discharged today so I had him test fit what I've got so far on the costume. He hasn't taken it off since he got home. :)
I've got the belt buckle nearly finished. I made it from a couple of scrap pieces of craft foam I had lying around, Plasti Dip and paint.

I was thinking I could attach it with Velcro and make a Thunderbolts buckle for him too. Maybe a Defenders one too (he was a Defender for a few issues if I recall correctly).
For some reason, I thought you were making an Alan Alda M*A*S*H costume...

Looks like I am datin' myself

You are doing a great job, keep at it!
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