Hawkeye Series Themed Bow and 3D Printed Arrows Which Actually Shoots


I recently just finished building a bow inspired by the one Hawkeye uses in his new series on Disney +. I have been wanting to make a bow for a long time without blowing the budget and this gave me the perfect excuse to actually sit down and do it. I started with a wooden grip and thought I could make the rest of the bow with PVC. The PVC turned into a mistake, because it didn't have enough tension to shoot an arrow more than 10ft. So, I switched gears and used 48" long aluminum rulers which worked perfectly. With the aluminum rulers I could shoot an arrow over 30ft!

I made a template, if you're interested here is the link:

hawkeye bow 1.jpg
hawkeye bow 2.jpg

hawkeye bow 3.jpg

hawkeye bow 4.jpg

hawkeye bow 5.jpg

hawkeye bow 6.jpg

hawkeye bow 7.jpg

hawkeye bow 8.jpg

hawkeye bow 9.jpg

To make the arrows to accompany the bow I adapted some arrows which I purchased from a thrift store. I drafted the arrowheads in AutoCAD, and printed them on an Ender 3 Pro. These arrowheads were then attached to the shaft and fletching of the original arrows.

Here is link to the .stl files: Hawkeye_Arrowheads - Haas_of_Props.rar

Here is the building process video and some build pics.

arrows 1.jpg

arrows 2.jpg

arrows 3.jpg

arrows 4.jpg

arrows 5.jpg


I think there were some new/additional arrow heads seen in the finale. Definitely some up close pics of them in one scene.
Yes! I saw the close ups in the scene where Clint & Kate are assembling the new batch (it starts about 9 minutes into the episode). Super excited to create some!!!!

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