Hawkeye Movie V1 (Black) costume

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    So, I have started putting together my Hawkeye costume from the movie. I'm starting with the first outfit - the black SHIELD uniform with the black vest and pants.

    I just scored a Blackhawk HPFU ITS tac vest from eBay for $39. As soon as it arrives I'll post some pics of what I have so far:
    Pants (not SA - just black BDU pants that I'm going to add knee pads to for the time being)
    Bow - currently trying to mod an old recurve I don't shoot any more to be as close as I can get it until a new option presents itself.
    Quiver - same as above...
    H&K and holster - coming soon

    I know this isn't very exciting without pics, but as soon as things start to arrive I'll get some pics done.
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    Ok, so my vest arrived. It needs a little modding. I took off the velcro strips above the breast pockets. There was one long one above each breast pocket and two additional short ones on the right side above the long one. It also seems that the collar has been modified on the one in the movie. The way it comes is with a double layer collar that closes with velcro. Unfastened these tabs stick out about an inch to an inch and a half. Looking at the pic of Hawkeye from the film, they shortened them to be even with the zipper and leave the front a bit open:
    Clint Barton - the RPF Gallery

    That will have to wait until I get my sewing machine back. I also need to tailor the vest in the waist a bit. I went with a medium, and it fits perfect in the chest but the waist is a little roomy - not snug like Renner's.

    I'll try to get some pics over the weekend.
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    I'm not shocked at the personal tailoring done by the wardrobe department. Looking forward to pictures!
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    Looking forward to the pics

    Even though I do not have the skin color and build for Hawkeye costume I am VERY interested in it. Not sure why, just dig it.

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