Hawkeye - ideas and mock up


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Hello All,

I'm still wrestling with the Idea of going Screen Accurate AoU or spinning up my own Hawkeye based on Ultimate, Granov/Fraction and classic Hawkeye and a dash of MCU.

On that latter point, I'm putting up two rough concept drawings of a Hawkeye vest based upon a vest by Hillside Leather called The Interceptor.

The first is a marked up printout of the vest with my edits. The second is a fast sketch using the interceptor as a base and integrating Hawkeye's classic colors.

I scored this killer purple bow too a Hoyt Aspen, which is kind of more ultimate.

I always like cool costumes that feel real and practical because when I get character, it helps me connect with people better.

So, I welcome ideas and input.




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