Hawkeye Folding Bows


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After seeing The Avengers, and Hawkeye flips his bow and it unfolded, I knew I wanted one. I'm not going for screen accurate here, I want functional. In the movie, he's left handed and I'm a righty.

Here is my first 3D print of the Hoyt Buffalo riser (right handed). Measuring 18 - 3/4 inches long. Printed with 50% infill, 3 perimeters, over 7 hours.

I'm not happy with how thin the handle came out. I wanted to build the grip and controls separately. (I might still use this. I'll just need to weld the grip into place to reinforce the strength.)

I'll redo this with the grip, minus the buttons. This will create a sturdier grip and minimize chances of breaking.

I've already worked out how to "lock" the limbs open. I just need to prototype it to make sure it will be strong enough.

After 3D printing the limbs to check functionality, I'll be making the final out of fiberglass. Using black ink, I'll be able to give it a carbon fiber look. (I have fiberglass already. If I like it I'll order some carbon fiber later.)


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I finally cleared up some free time to continue 3D Printing my parts.
I was able to print either side of the grip. I don't plan on making any of the buttons, so I didn't include them in this model.

I needed to break the riser in the middle to get the grips to fit. But, since I welded the pieces in place with Acetone, they won't slip out anytime soon.

The first piece of one of the limbs was the large hinge I planned on using for the lock.

I started printing the middle piece of the riser. Everything was going well so I left it to print overnight. I awoke to this...

My 3D printer is currently down until I can fix it or calibrate one of my others that I never got around to using.


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King,so sorry to see this happen to you.I hope you can fix the situation and get back to printing ASAP :thumbsup


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Thank you.

I went ahead and started to try on my custom "King" size Prusa Mendel. I redesigned the original files so I can print up to 200mm tall.

As I'm typing this, I can see the print lifting off the bed. I'll clean the surface and try again.

Edit: The second try started peeling as well. Thinking it's my filament, I switched to orange. While changing the rolls, I noticed that the purple is PLA. I'm not set up to print PLA. When did I order PLA? Did I not read the product description? Or, did they send me the wrong roll? Oh well. I'll find a use for it later.
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I've been doing a lot of 3D Printing on my backup printer.

I was finally able to print the second part of the limb. This piece has a hinge at either end and the shaft, is curved, and tapers down at one end. That makes this piece the hardest to 3D Print. I couldn't prevent lifting at the ends. I was, however, able to control it with a couple clips.


Compared to previous attempts, I ended up with a good print to use.


Now it was time for the tip of the limb. This piece is the longest of the three. I had to split it into two separate parts and weld them back together.






After lots of sanding with a file, I was able to get all the pieces to fit together smoothly.


Everything is coming together nicely. Now it's time to start printing the other limb pieces and the hinge bolts.



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I've been working on my model to now get it more screen accurate. Here is what I have so far.


The riser is a lot more like the one seen in the outtakes. After starting down this road I had to redesign the locking mechanism. I thought I had everything how I wanted it but forgot to include the hinge pin that needs to hold everything together. It took a couple days to figure everything out and model it. I'm definitely going to have to manufacture some of it out of metal to ensure it won't break.

The hinges needed to be changed a bit to get them more screen accurate. I may take a few liberties on the "mid-limb" hinge. It doesn't look as though it will close as much as my previous model.

I carved out the string nock with a soldering pen on my last one. I've included it in this version. I've thinned down the limbs, straightened the end a little more, and lengthened them a bit. I plan to print these pieces with 100% infill so I can try and see if it can shoot any arrows. I wasn't able to fire any with my first print because it was too weak and I heard cracking.


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After lots of Boolean operations combining everything, I've finished the laser sight and removed the space for the buttons.


I left the lens ring and battery door separate pieces so that I can fit electronics inside and fix them in place later.
I don't have any clear pictures of the buttons so I have to use the scale model toy as reference and compare them to the blurry pictures from the movie.

I think I'm really close to sending the parts to the 3D Printer.


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I had some time on my hands and decided to complete my armory along with the bow. Here's a screen grab of my progress so far.


Nine Shot Speed Loader, Acid tip, and I'm not sure what the other two are supposed to be.


Amazing build! As for the speedloader. I'm glad someone else noticed it and thought it was worth attempting. I've yet to see anyone really try to produce one. So I'll be stalking this build with great interest.
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