HAWKEYE ARROW HEADS marvel props build


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Here is a quick look at my next Marvel props build. I decided to have a go at making Hawkeye arrow heads, I love the tech type arrow heads from the film (and the comics) and have always wanted some. I was finally pushed into getting of my bum and actually having a go at making some by finding a small metal case that I thought would be ideal for displaying them, here are a few pics of the items I used, all from the local `pound store/electronics store`.
I will also be making a video to show some more details.

Hawkeye arrow heads forum pic 1.jpg The various parts from the pound shop etc

Hawkeye-arrow-heads-forum-p.gif part assembled parts of 3 heads

Hawkeye arrow heads forum pic 3.jpg an LED being inserted into on e of the heads, whole drilled for switch

Hawkeye arrow heads forum pic 4.jpg glass bottle being attached to make `acid/poison` head

Hawkeye arrow heads forum pic 5.jpg main parts of the `acid/poison` head prior to painting etc

Hawkeye arrow heads forum pic 6.jpg the complete `acid/poison` head being offered up to the case I am using

Hawkeye arrow heads 7.jpg the `acid/poison` head and another pard made head, the part made head is made from a small torch housing and a plumb bob with metal putty​
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These are really great! I've been thinking about working on some Hawkeye props myself, among the millions of other projects I have in my head lol. Were you planning on making some from Age of Ultron?
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