Hawkeye AoU Quiver - Completed

Mike Dickens

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Wanted to share our completed Hawkeye AoU quiver. This was without doubt one of the most difficult builds we've ever done as there are no 3d/printed components to the quiver.

Everything seen here was made via custom made bucks/vacuum-forming. Once the basic shapes were established and assembled we coated the entire frame with Smooth-on XTC. After several coats and much sanding we applied our vinyl carbon fiber patterns and gave a final clear coat to "laminate" the entire quiver. An aluminum extrusion rail was installed in the center for the loaded arrow to magnet onto.

All of the arrowheads were pieced together with sculpts/laser cuts and were then molded and resin casted.

I hope to do a more extensive write-up later when I have a bit more time. Hope you like.

11897171_510562939110285_2055680141_n.jpg11944713_10101904656011131_1691898579_n.jpg11880730_10101902575255981_1704521476_n.jpgPhoto May 10, 2 36 47 PM-1.jpgIMG_8083-1.jpeg11262261_468791593287420_1046364331_n.jpg11950982_513702682129644_20007859_n.jpg11950759_513702658796313_495068358_n.jpg11948163_513702695462976_413701243_n.jpg804598_513702665462979_440792991_n.jpg


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This is REALLY REALLY nice. Love the complete arrowheads. It's so awesome. I'd be very proud to have this in my collection. Really well done.

Mike Dickens

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Thanks! As difficult as the build was we had a great time making it. Here's a pic from DragonCon of the client in his complete HE outfit. I think everything came together wonderfully.


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That looks awesome. Great job and work on it. Wish I could have seen it in person. I couldn't get my AOU quiver done in time so I had to use my original one. It came out fantastic. Kudos to you. My AOU tunic came out perfect.


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Wow that is a nice quiver. I Wish I could something like that for my Hawkeye costume ...
really nice work :thumbsup