Hawk the Slayer - Mindsword build


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For a while now, I've been working on replicating the Mindsword from Hawk the Slayer. It's been my dream to have this sword since I was a kid, and since I will likely never see the original in person, I decided to build it myself.

Here is the Mindsword from the film:



I first got screenshots of the sword and began work on sculpting the pommel. It took a bit of time to study the best screenshots available and stilling the movie itself on my tv to get as close as I could to the original. Unfortunately, the first attempt at making this was a little off scale and had some imperfections so I started a new one.

The second go-around was a lot better, and I got some nuances fixed along with the proper size by how it fit in the hand from studying pictures and screenshots.

I used a wire armature, sculpted around it, molded it, and then cast it using the lost wax method. I went to the river and got a river stone to fit nicely in the hand. However, I later got a green stress ball to fit so that I can wire it from the palm and run the wire through the hilt to a button to light it when I want.

Here is the finished pommel:




I cut out the aluminum blade, had the guard and hilt 3d-printed at Shapeways and then put it all together. There aren't too many Hawk fans out there, but hopefully there are some that can appreciate this build. And, yes, I'm probably the only one in the world to replicate this, lol. Here is the final pic, cheers:

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such a shame this was never updated.. would have loved to have seen the finished article.

if i were to try to make a sword myself it would definitely be this one
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