Hawk the Slayer Mind Sword WIP


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Started taking a college lost wax casting class to add to my skill repertoire and figured I would do the mind sword from hawk the slayer as one of my casting projects for my class. Pommel and handle will be cast from bronze and the guard will be mild steel. I'll be forging the blade from 1075 carbon steel.Gonna weigh a ton, but should look pretty cool hanging on my wall.
22007535_10210207062788157_714755144359707795_n.jpg 22007840_10210207061868134_1879895950088550924_n.jpg 21765228_10210212744930207_1516674992426753239_n.jpg 22405892_10210307183811120_3457882332673413573_n.jpg 22539687_10210355213411830_7396398269078776932_n.jpg 22688483_10210355774265851_7917550351328950562_n.jpg 22688794_10210382654137831_7588811545491873709_n.jpg 22528177_10210356002111547_4693559186183841965_n.jpg 22555052_10210356001991544_3723818448276178031_n.jpg 22728976_10210384579305959_5075423630563572219_n.jpg 22688110_10210384578865948_4180796630025108790_n.jpg 22728920_10210384578585941_2056956004265112707_n.jpg 22730426_10210384804191581_8428720167416732959_n.jpg 22886145_10210433103839042_1142435304786900027_n.jpg 23168014_10210433103639037_5877599951040825974_n.jpg 22894469_10210433102959020_2706354598426997206_n.jpg 22894240_10210433102839017_2439237908788558740_n (1).jpg 23132015_10210433103159025_5484116384500886567_n.jpg


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I was just watching the movie again and decided to do a web search and found this thread.

Awesome work. I love it! Any updated/recent pics?
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