having paint problems please help

Discussion in 'Replica Costumes' started by oddball, Apr 6, 2012.

  1. oddball

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    I have started to Paint my commander Gree helmet it is made from resin I sanded the helmet and primed it not that I am putting on the first coats of paint and it is staying tacky in spost what is the best way to correct this.
  2. Crank729

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    Staying tacky? How long did you let it dry for?
  3. oddball

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    I let the primer dry for 24hrs Im now going to let the black dry overnight and check in the morning
  4. Don Jarr

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    Tacky spots normally means the surface was contaminated which can be anything from greasy finger prints to mould release. Best way is to wipe the surface over quickly with something like acetone, then spray several very light coats of primer on letting each one dry before adding the next. Then rub primer with 1200 wet and dry then re-prime rub down again with I prefer 2000 wet and dry then apply top coat.

    Another cause can be spray can paint that hasn't been shaken up properly, but to be honest if you want a really good finish (and I probably shouldn't say this for health and safety reasons) but I always hold the can upside down till its empty of propellant then cut the can open and pour the paint into a jar and use a cheap revell airbrush which gives a much more even spray pattern than a can, and also doesn't put as much on. Spray cans are crap to be honest, as they apply to much paint in one go at to higher pressure.

    As for drying time, most canned spray paint is dry and can be rubbed down in 1 to 2 hours, but I always leave overnight, and if the grey was still tacky when you applied the black then while the black may dry and look fine, you might find if you push the surface with your finger it will slide as the paint under it isn't dry.

  5. The Ronin

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    Another trick is to grab a nozzle that uses a straw from something like a brake cleaner spray can and use that to spray the paint straight into a jar. Close the lid so that it doesn't dry up and wait about 30 minutes for the propellant to bubble out. This way you can spray out what you need and not have to worry about wasting a full can of spraypaint that you may not need at the time.

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