Haunted Mansion Gargoyle


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Finally got around to finishing the mansion gargoyle...Pics are not the best sorry I will try to take better ones.

I was starting to think this project was cursed... At one point I had it ready for primer, on a windless day. And as I was reaching for the prop this freak gust of wind blew it off my bench and it his the ground breaking both arms off the body.

Then I calmed down and about two months later I repaired it and painted it...THEN it had another freak wind gust and well it fell again and broke the arms off again this time taking a piece of the body with it. STUPID...fool me twice...but there was NO wind or anything and this 5 second tornado decides to rip through my backyard...I thought well I'm either that dumb or something is out to get me.

So I walked away from it for another 2 weeks and finally got around to the repairs and paint!

But this thing is BIG so I have no idea where to put it in my theater...or how to mount it. Because of it's leaning forward position it want to fall forward (which is not how it was on the bench when it fell, I had it balanced with his lower jaw on the table).


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Rustolem gray primer
rustoleum Anodized Bronze
Krylon short cuts Antique Bronze over that

Mixed folk art Teal and Patina
mixed Americana Bluegrass and coastal waters
for the green


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You need to build a base for it. Then drill two holes for rods (attached to base) and slide it over them. That will allow you to put it on the base - or lift it off and move it when needed. You can also add the rods to other places in your house - shelves, banisters, etc. And he can be relocated when necessary. I like your final product overall - but I do have to give two notes: 1. The actual gargoyles in the mansions have a much smoother finish on the bronze. There's barely any rough spots, except for the feet and around the neck. I know where you got this kit (as I bought one too) and the texture was WAY off. I had to sand for ages and cover the entire finished piece with several coats of resin to get it smooth. I think the guy who cast the parts of the kit had mistakenly thought the gargoyles were stone - and painted his original as such. Doh! 2. My second note is that the patina looks great, but there's a bit too much of it. I had hundreds of detailed photos of the gargoyles at both DL and WDW - and I am at both parks 20-30 times per year. The patina is a little much. Great job on building the thing overall, though! I know how difficult the kit you got was to work with - so big high-five on getting it done!
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