Limited Run Haunted Mansion Bat Stanchion


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This is something I've wanted to make for a while now to add to my HM themed bathroom - gonna be used as the towel rack :)

marvelouscreastionsstudios created the file for me. Yes I know it's not 100% accurate to any specific stanchion - I wanted it to be slightly different so that I'd be able to recognize it should it ever get recast. The base is designed to fit inside a standard 2" (inside diameter) pipe.


Price is $150USD + shipping and they are cast in ceramic backed smooth cast 300 resin. They will come unfinished so there will be some clean up (remove seam lines) required.

Here is one I quickly finished up (this one is not for sale).


Please post or message me if you are wanting to get one.


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For me it is DEFINITELY not a lack of interest, these things are friggin' beautiful. Just a little steep for me right now whilst in the middle of my mansion grandfather clock build... :/

But I definitely do love your work, beautiful stuff.

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