haunted house 2011


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whats up guys. figured i'd share my ideas of a haunted house my family and friends do every year. here is a video of the one we did last year.

haunted house 2010 - YouTube

turns out wmm is being a pain so i cant do a video of all our props and stuff right now but i'll figure it out. in the mean time here are a couple pics of my costume



i also plan on doing a grim reaper 7-8 foot tall prop. im going to do a pvc frame and find some fabric to make the robe. dont be afraid to post your costumes or props. i would love to see them!
well turns out im probley gonna skip making the prop and get these if i can get the money together



the top pic is what i call grave goul. he raises up from behind the tombstone.
the spider (my fav) jups about 3 feet toward you. its freakin awesome!
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