Hasbro X-Wing Conversion Photos (looking for)

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If anyone has any images of the conversion of Hasbro's FX X-wing by Pharchivist can you please let me know as I have just acquired a Dagobah X-wing and would love to see how he did it.

I've searched here and only found one photo so far so any help would be appreciated.
Here you go...


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I didn't ever think about doing some custom conversion work on my X-wing and Falcon that I used to have, I have since sold them unfortunately. After seeing all the awesome work on here from different users it makes me want to get another x-wing and work on it
I might have missed it but, do you have a blog or something that I could see how you did it?

I have taken apart an electronic one from the late 1990's and currently trying to put all of the electronics in my saga or OTC (the degobah landing one) x-wing. I am taking pics just about every step of the way. Any advice, from anyone, on how to remove the wings from the body? I took out a metal rod but still having a little trouble with removal.

I've tried to take apart the "Dagobah" X-Wing but I think they glued the nose together as it wasn't gonna come off easily. I thought if I tried harder I might have done irreparable damage to it so haven't done anything to mine yet.

I did get some aluminium tube for the laser cannons and a 1/24 R2 but nothing more.
I had a hard time but, it come off. I just sort-of slowly got a flat head around the sides after removing the screws from the rest of underside. When I did that, I tried to stretch it SLIGHTLY, like opening a book, then used flat head again to separate the glue further in. Eventually it came off.
** it is sort of rubbery and if it stretches a little, it comes back to original shape. Of course do it carefully.
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