Hasbro Rebels Falcon Conversion Options


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I just got my big rebels falcon from ebay. I think i'm ready to tackle this conversion. I've noticed there are several options for conversion kits, shapeways, tony/salzo, cooper, kokkari.

has anyone done any side by side comparisons....I'm not trying to start a turf war or beef between these guys, but just trying to figure out some of the advantages/disadvantages.

thanks for your thoughts.


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If you want a replica that looks as close to the ILM 32in model then go for the Shapeways/Tony/Salzo parts.

If you a ship that has the general feel of the Falcon with the guts on the outside go for the Cooper set.

As for Kokkari's upgrades someone else will need to add that comment.


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Having bought Kokkari's parts, I can say if you want to be close to studio it is up to the task, not as accurate as the Shapeway/Tony/Salzo parts, but it can do the job.
It is cheaper and has lesser number of parts. However the one I got has a fair amount of bubbles and some parts details are missing, you need to spends some time fixing those
to be ok. I eventually bought the Level 3 Salzo/Tony resin kit, which I think is superb and worth the money. I finally realized I wanted my Falcon to be as studio accurate as possible.

Hope this helps.