Hasbro Naboo Fighter Conversion


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Converting a Hasbro Tie may be a lost cause, but I was wondering what the story is on converting the Naboo fighter? If the proportions are correct (meaning the lower body or other parts aren't 'beefed' up to accomidate the electronics) I would make a mold of the toy to create my master. From there, I can easily re-work all the seems, screw holes, copyright lettering, etc. because the master will be solid resin. Parts can be re-tooled and sanded to make it more accurate.
I don't own the hasbro fighter yet, I am hesitating to get one until I get an opinon or two on it. It's size is pretty good -- a helluva lot better than the tiny AMT snap-kit.
If anyone has detailed pics of the Hasbro toy, please post them as well as any refernce pics of the actual studio fighter. Thanks


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the hasbro fighter is good, but in my opinion the conversion route to go would be that crazy candy dispenser. It had a vacmetalized belly and a non-rubber end taper. Also I think it was smaller, roughly 1/24 and would sit well with the studio scale X-wings and so forth! Just a thought.



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Thanks for the link -- those pics proved to be usefull. I needed to see good shots of it before I commited to buying one.
I am pretty pleased with it's accuracy, considering most of the other vehicles are to innacurate to attempt a conversion.
From what I can tell, touching up the belly, and extending the tail and rear engines will be the only major hurdles. Like I said, when I make a resin copy, I can use that master to make all my touch-ups and changes. The engines may need slimmed down too. If that's the case, I may just sculp them from scratch.
I was thinking of casting the prototype finished model in solid resin, so I would only need a standart two-part mold and there you have it. But if it's going to bee too heavy, perhaps someone can suggest something.
I will then paint the model with automotive grade canary yellow paint. The chrome parts I will use Al-clad chrome paint - it produces a realistic mirror chrome finish.
If anyone is interested in helping out or offer any suggestions - please do!
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