Hasbro Millenium Falcon

echo 7

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Hey guys and ladies...

I am new to this forum but, wanted to say hello and also I was in Ocean City NJ ..the other day , and came across what looks to be a Hasbro Millenium Falcon. Any one know anything about it etc ? Let me know.

Also just wanted to make a note that is an awesome forum and glad to be a part of it.


Echo 7

echo 7

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wow...I just went through that thread...jumped around so is it that bad ? Or was that guy just very finnicky about detail ? lol...nice work though...

Junk Pilot

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I don't think he is finnicky at all but given the size of the BMF he wants to be able to use that to his advantage by showing off the enormous detail potential of it. In the end the only thing left that will be Hasbro will be the basic shape.

But it is a great mod that I'm tempted to swipe my 10yo nephew's BMF and give it a whirl.
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wow..so no other thoughts ?

Some time ago, i did a complete repaint of my BMF:

Youtube HD Video:

Star Wars Hasbro Millennium Falcon - 2011 Death Star Edition - YouTube

Pixum album link:

Hasbro 2011 Falcon Movie Edition - Pixum Diashow




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