Hasbro Lightsaber Refinish


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Hi Everyone,

I just completed a quick refinish to a Hasbro Anakin Skywallker (ROTS) lightsaber. It's part of Hasbro's bladebuilders lightsaber collection. I picked it up at Walmart for about $13 CAD. I got it for a Halloween costume as my partner and I are going as Captain Rex and Anakin Skywalker, both in Rule 63.

I just wanted to post this little lightsaber repaint project I completed

Original Lightsaber:

- I sanded this whole thing down to get rid of the caution warnings and logos
- spray painted a base layer of silver metallic, let this cure for a couple days
- painted in the black details

Lightsaber 1.JPG

- painted the metallic gold details using a paint for modeling
- painted the "ruby" parts with a base layer of cinnamon and then painting over with a clear metallic red
- began the weathering by mixing black, brown, and cinnamon to give a "marbled" weathering of blended colors - brushed on thicker coats of this mix and then removed most of the paint with a damp cloth
- weathered the entire lightsaber and made sure to get a good amount of the paint in the creases or raised parts
- dry brushed some metallic silver on certain areas to give a worn metal look
- on the inside of where the blade comes out I tried to create a sort of heated metal look by painting in brown/red/blue stripes and then dabbing the paint away to give it those subtle colors
- sealed the paint job by spray painting a clear coat over the whole thing
- I did leave the telescopic "blade" in there just for fun at the Halloween party - most people I've seen refinish these Hasbro lightsabers do take the blade out

Here is the finished product:
Lightsaber 2.JPG .

I am happy with it especially for a Halloween costume!

Please check out my other thread for my Clone Trooper Foam Build, as I am creating a full Captain Rex armor using foam floor mats :thumbsup

Thank you and feel free to leave comments/suggestions for my next repaint!