Hasbro Electronic Fett Helmet - URGENT-Y TYPE QUESTION!


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Hey, I've got an odd question for anyone who might know about the LANGUAGE on the Fett helmet from Hasbro, and there just seems to be no where else that has this info. So, with appologies...does anyone know if the FRENCH version of the helmet available in Canada actually SPEAKS in french, or is it (pleasepleaseplease) just that all text on the box and the manual is in french. Thanks, guys!!!!!!!
It speaks French. It says so on the box.

I got one of those helmets for 20 bucks because the store received 3 french ones which no one wanted.
Thanks! TRU doesn't actually show the box, and I couldn't find close-ups to check it that way anywhere. Yeah, the $20 price point was going to mean a happy three-year old. Oh well.
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