Hasbro BB-8 (Target Exclusive)

Discussion in 'Collectibles' started by Jardine, Sep 8, 2015.

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    Hey everyone!

    I couldn't justify the tiny Sphero BB-8 from Bestbuy, but I could easily stomach the price of the Target BB-8 from Hasbro. So far this little guy has been pretty cool, and seems relatively simply built.

    I am curious if anyone has any plans on modding it? I've already figured I would put new bearings in the head, along with stronger magnets, and a light.

    I am debating opening up the drive system and swapping out the motors for a brushless counterpart, or perhaps a better brushed motor with metal gears. Currently, the sound of the motor drowns out his effects. Here is a shot of mine on the quickly drawn/printed base off my XYZ printer.

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    Guess not :p
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    I love the new BB-8 toys, this remote controlled one is going to be an Argos Exclusive here in the UK & I think it looks pretty cool

    how big is it? I'd like to see one in person I think

    I think it's due to be about £50 here in the UK, I picked up one of the Disney Store ones,

    they were only £30 & roll about, head moves, sounds & voice activated

    The detailing is beautiful & I pretty much just bought it to sit on my shelf though :lol

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    I love the head detail on this one! Good reference for the holo eye lighting up blue as well.

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    I picked up this BB8 for the same reasons as you. Plus I like the bigger size. I still haven't modded my interactive R2D2 that I've had since 2009 but this guy I might jump on in and mod him. Think in gonna trace over the panel lines with some black ink to make him pop. I also want to put some stronger and hopefully quieter motors in there. As well as a bigger weight at the bottom of the motor assembly so that it hopefully doesn't wobble as much. However I've noticed that the sphero one wobbles too in some videos, not as much but it doesn't have as much mass. I hadn't thought about better magnets but thats a great idea, I did consider some actually rollers instead of the little plastic gliders they have on the bottom of the head. Idk how you would do electronics in the head without making it weigh too much though.
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    Do you have any video of this one? It's not remote controlled, right? We didnt get this one in the US.
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    Hey I've definitely thought of modding him. I like the idea of a pulsing blue led in the holoprojector, but I don't really want to crack open the head...
    I'm not going to outline the paint job, but I'll definitely touch it up and sharpen the edges if I think I can, which I probably can't... But I am definitely putting a glossy clear coat on his body for a smoother, less toyish and cheap plastic look. I should do it for the head too, but not the holoprojector or main eye on him. Those will have to be masked off.
    I'm not as great at working with motors. Im good with lighting and cosmetics, but I'd love to make the motors quieter if that could ever work. Not faster though. I like the speed he's at. If I can do both at once though, I won't complain. I'm definitely going to put in stronger magnets and smoother bearings if possible. I feel like with the body shell glossed, stronger magnets won't be a problem with hanging up on the shell at all. My goal is to make him look as close as possible to the Disney store exclusive BB-8.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Definitely look Up the Disney one on YouTube. Great videos that display it. It doesn't move as well as the hasbro one, as the ball doesn't roll, it uses a wheel on the bottom, but it looks fantastic, has lights, sounds, and responds to your voice! I'm going to get it soon. Then I'll have the hasbro and Disney ones.

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