Hasbro 29" millennium falcon carve up


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I thought I would post my own thread, although I have started on the BMF coming thread.

Having bought from Argos, this huge Millennium Falcon for the incredibly reasonable £29 plus pennies, I simply could not just paint it and leave it there.

This was an oppurtunity to create a near 32 inch Falcon, for a fraction of the price of the MR Falcon. Plan is to :

Light cockpit and add cockpit walls, console, seats etc
Light rear engines
Install headlights
Do something with the stumpy landing blocks ( truly horrid )
Do something with the squished moulded in underside quad laser
Remove some of the moulded in pipework
And generally improve the rear engine deck detail.

Firstly thanks go to Jaitea as it was his build thread that set me off in the first place and got my tiny brain ruminating over the possibilities.

There are a fair number of builds on the go at RPF and many approaches have been taken. Mine will involve lots of the Shapeways components as I do not want to spend months replicating the 32 inch Falcon detail through scratch building. I love scratch building, its just I do not have the time at the moment.

The Shapeways approach is very expensive but having received my first few parts, they are great.

Thanks for looking in. Will gets some pics up later today.


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Detailed inserts

DSC_0112.JPG DSC_0113.JPG

Matt primer and brass rods added

DSC_0116.JPG DSC_0117.JPG

Added extra detail around the outsides of the inserts so that they might be seen in shadow when the insert is mounted in the body window, to add some extra depth. Probably wont be able to see it but just in case.


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Rear port insert, the two shermans and the matilda one ( from the 32 inch ILM model )


Plus the front insert, the panther one

DSC_0122.JPG DSC_0123.JPG

Painting them in black, should provide some good shadows when the body colour is thinly sprayed on.


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Some deck carving and panel mounting


Templates by Mojo Rising, but as they are based on the stickies supplied with the Hasbro Falcon, each one will need to be cut to size and notched.

Notched edges, using scalpel.


More soon Kiddies


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As I had a secong Falcon as stand by, I have decided to work on this one by breking it down into easier to use sub assemblies. This way I hope I can do a better job on the rear engine deck when removing the pipe detail




I had noted on the BMF thread that I was using Humbrol Liquid Poly cement for the plates ( using mojosrisings templates ) but don't go this route as they have started pealing off, so its back to square 1 on the plates.

I have ordered some Loctite 770 21ux9zIkddL.jpg This is a liquid brushed onto each material to be glued, dries in seconds then superglue one part and stick the template in place. Its a primer for tie BMF type of plastics, so will increase the superglue adhesion. Not just for the plates but all over the BMF, especially when the sub assemblies need to be joined again. Hopefully the super bond will add increased body integrity but I also aim to add additional styrene internal structures to add strength.


Modelling is a very dangerous hobby

Today I learned why surgeons use scalpels :facepalm

DSC_0143.JPG Didn't feel much but a deep cut into the thumb was pissing blood everywhere :lol

What a Donkey!

So Be Careful out there.


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You're doing a great job at improving that MF...not so much on your thumb:behave Your thumb is perfect and need no transformations/improvements whatsoever.


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I was cutting my cockpit windows out last night thinking any second Im going to lose a thumb, now I know what it will look like when I eventually do it.


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I was cutting my cockpit windows out last night thinking any second Im going to lose a thumb, now I know what it will look like when I eventually do it.

Yes the blood was really gushing, got about 10 plasters holding back the flow :lol

Might be worth wearing a thimble on the thumb whilst working with a blade...or would that be a thumble


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Gone but not forgotten.
Maybe we can get Tony to 3D print you a new thumb! :lol

See what I did there!?!?!?!?!? Attached thumbnail!!!!!
I kill myself!!!!!!!!


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Ooohh not good with the scalpel, remember cut away from the human.

I really want to have the engine deck come away like the real 32". It seems an elegant way to get to any electrical nonsense, like it :)


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Spacebob, thats what I was hoping too, maybe securing it with magnets and hiding a tiny hole in one of the greeblies to enable a tiny screwdriver to poke in to an on off push switch to set the lighting off. Or could go old school ILM and have tiny allen screw to remove the panel rather than magnets,


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Good idea Robiwon..could be a stunt thumb, to use as a stand in when my more precious thumb could be in danger.

BTW, anyone know what kit parts are used for the two of these boxes? Want to scratchbuild them but need sizes of the originals to scale down from.

box 1.png
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