Has anyone seen "We Bought A Zoo" yet?


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From what I've seen it's a good movie, based on the commercials I've seen for it but not much else. Has anyone here seen it, is it any good?


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My wife and I watched it the day after Christmas. We both enjoyed it very much! I'm not much of an animal person but thought it was an engaging and worth while story. it will give a few tugs on your heartstrings. I also happen to like Matt Damon a lot as an actor.
I would recommend seeing it!


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My friend talked about this film months ago. He was cast as Damon's photo double for the second unit photography for about a week. Doesn't look like it was credited in his bio, but I knew about it before the film even got announced.

Their other double was sick or on another job or something, but the crew said he was very easy to make up as his double for the shots they needed him in:

Jim Rothman - IMDb


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My family saw this with extended family. I really enjoyed the movie, BUT this is not the feel good family movie of the year. Just because a movie is PG does not make it a good children/family movie. It deals with a lot of adult issues and the focus is not the zoo/animals. It has a couple of language spots (nothing that my kids have not heard, but it is arguments between father and young son/boy). It may sound foolish but my biggest beef was a statement about the EASTER BUNNY not being REAL.

Overall - I really enjoyed it but I wish that I had not take my kids. Kids grow up too fast already without a movie giving them things to worry about (terminal illness, financial woes, etc...)


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I got to watch it today, it was so-so I expected someone to be eaten or attacked by one of the animals, it was that boring to me. But overall it was a good family movie. Planning to go see Mission Impossible tomarrow. I've been wanting to see The Darkest Hour but the closest theather to me that's showing it is over 2 hours away from me.
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