Has anyone seen this C3PO on Ebay

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Darth Niob

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Has anyone here on the board bought this 3PO and has the sellers name and adress? This guy is selling a TM ROTJ recast at the moment.
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Darth Niob

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Everyone of the original 8 owners still seem to have his cast...one was "lost" in transit and the guy has connections to France. The helmet which was "lost" was finished but with another paintjob...so this is the helmet which was sent to the guy and definetly not got lost or a cast of it....no other possibilitys.
Thats why i would like to know where this guy on ebay is. He wrote he got this helmet within a trade (the usual story).


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Hi guys.

So I'm this seller. Before you start to throw me things to the head, please read what I've to say about this helmet.

First of all, you have to know that I'm a total noob about Darth Vader's helmets (you can ask what you want about TK or C 3PO helmet, but Vader is for me, a too dark area on the prop world).
I got this helmet in a trade.

I know that you'll say that it is the usual story, nevertheless, it's true. Believe me or not, but I'm not in the prop collection to cause any troubles.

I've had a good talk with Nick (Darth Niob) on ebay and regarding all the informations he brought me, I decided to accept to remove the auction.

Maybe it's not the helmet that you think but I'm not able to discuss of a subject where I've no knowledge.

I would like to open a bracket about the C 3PO helmet previously listed. It wasn't a recast and a true ZORG helmet kit, bought form him on RPF. And I guess you already saw the chrome trooper helmet. It has been made from a TE ROTJ helmet kit.

Now about this Vader helmet. As I said, I got it in a trade (I gave a stormtrooper helmet in exchange). I came from Australia for sure and got it from a guy named bentley otool (or something like that). And if I remember well, it's about 2 years ago now.
He had other props to offer (from other movies).

I kept it in his box a long time since I had other projects at the moment.
I planned to "rework" it since it was a little bit dirty and not enough gloss to me (I wanted a shiny helmet just like a MR finish, glossy like a glass).
Some month ago, I decided to do this little work on the helmet. And as a stupid guy, I used the first automotive varnish that I found in a can. It has a bad reaction with the helmet and I destroyed the finish.

A little bit disgusted, I started to gently sand it in order to restore the paint job. But it was very long and decided to stop the carnage.

Thus I used the «*ugly*» helmet as a test base for a chrome paint (which have been really help full in order to paint the ZORG C 3PO and the stormtrooper helmet).

I know that many of you wil consider me as a fool for this stupid choice, or a liar for this story. But it's the true.

I had many great helmet on my hands, with a true lineage. Mainly TK helmets kit like GINO, TE2, TE, CFO and other. I'm actually working on a RSProp helmet. And I've never been tempted to recast any of them.

I "only" recasted two helmets: Biker Scout from Don Post (in order to create an accurate lid) and a CAP TK helmet in order to create ESB MK2/ ROTJ v1 stormtrooper helmets (and I asked CAP before).

But I'll stop to tell my life since it's not the subject.

Now I have more information about the story of the TM helmet (thanks Nick), I totally understand that some of you could be disgusted. And I'm really sorry about that.


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Trading a finished TM for a TK lid is a pretty weird trade imho. I'd really like to know whether it's a recast or the "missing" TM.


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I "only" recasted two helmets: Biker Scout from Don Post (in order to create an accurate lid) and a CAP TK helmet in order to create ESB MK2/ ROTJ v1 stormtrooper helmets (and I asked CAP before).

Well as long as you got permission from CAP to recast his recasts that's okay. :lol

I'm confused too was the TM ROTJ even around 2 years ago ?
I'm assuming this is from the small run of the helmet on propden yes that's the one in question ?

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HI Nairod,

thanks for chiming in and tell your side of the story. I made a bigger post on the Den with some more infos in the TM ROTJ thread. Maybe its better to put the whole drama in that thread. Sadly i didnt found the TM Jedi for sale thread on this forum any longer. Maybe it was deleted or i have overseen it.


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Removed post of a banned member (and subsequent posts referring to it), and thread locked as it was a necro post that brought it back.
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