Has Anyone Scanned the Japanese "Star Wars Chronicles Vehicles" Book Yet?


Update, I did. You can find it in the dedicated thread here

Title says it. Wondering if anyone has scanned the Chronicles Vehicles: Episodes IV, V, & VI book yet. Seems silly for such a great resource to be so difficult to access; being Japan-exclusive and out of print for some time now.
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I am out of state on a business trip for the next few weeks. When I get back I can scan what you need.
Awesome!!!!! Do you have access to a large flatbed or a book scanner? If not I can help you out. I've got a flatbed myself and my university has a high quality book scanner.

This is a link to an old comic I scanned and restored. I'd love for there to be an online resource of out of print reference books. I've got the prequels chronicles book, so if you have the OT ones then I'll scan mine this week and we'll have the whole set :)


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I've always been a disappointed such amazing resources and models all seem to get tied to Japan only licensing

Why wouldn't they allow that release in the US? Don't they like making money

I would love some scans if possible

I mean I would also even pay a licensed distributor for a digital copy but sadly they don't seem to care about that model


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I'm not sure if it's true, but I've heard of they are strict to Japanese company. For example, Fine Molds had to postpone releasing their kits not because of the quality of the kits, but due to the Star Wars logo on the box. The color or design or something I don't remember but which is very unnoticeable.


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The one before the $1000.00 one today went for $2,499.00 although he did offer me a counteroffer (to my $1700.00) of a 10% discount of $2250.00, so I jumped at the $1000.00 buy it now offer. Coming from Hong Cong maybe by boat so lets see if I get it. I asked if I could pay for shipping insurance we will see. I also noticed what looked like a Disney Lucas logo on the back, I can't think of a company more protective of their property rights.
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I honestly am not surprised how much these are going for. I am extreamly glad I ordered my copy from Amazon Japan back in May 2019 for $157.82 shipped.

This is the best Star Wars book purchase I have ever made. It is a phenomenal reference book. A real shame the book was never released elsewhere.

I take pictures from pages within the book using my phone. Then I put them on my computer. Pics are only of the models I am working on at the time and use those when modeling. This way I don't risk harming the book in any way. Was very helpful when I was building my Y-Wing.

If you can get this book at a good price... DO IT !!!


I went ahead and bought one for myself. Scanned the first 140~ pages of it today. It's a MASSIVE book, so it'll take a few days to get all of the pages done, and then ideally I'd like to get them all done up in photoshop and translated to English to make it a proper E-book, but that will take QUITE some time, like several months.

Anyways, I'll make a new thread when I'm done with the raw scans to upload them. The files are too large to upload here, so I'll have to find some work around to share them, but here's a preview of the Episode IV section just so you guys know this is coming and maybe save a few hundred bucks if you just wanna see the pictures and don't care about having the physical book.



You are a king! Awesome! I'd love to just have the pages for visual reference. A possibility is maybe zip them and upload the folder to Dropbox and share the link.
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Never have seen that death star pic, which looks like a silver base coat before the painted detail was added. Maybe? Definitely want to see those in higher res.


Never have seen that death star pic, which looks like a silver base coat before the painted detail was added. Maybe? Definitely want to see those in higher res.
I'm not sure, the description for the photo translates to "Silver paint is applied to the entire miniature for the Death Star miniature that has just started production, and the transparent band hanging on the left side of the sphere is filled with paint. This is a guide to use when applying." doesn't sound like it's something they changed, but also doesn't look like any aspect of the Final product. Good catch.

Again, the full scan is too large to attach, but here's a screenshot of it. It's the same image, just at a lower resolution


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