Has anyone here dealt with Big Chief Studios?


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Hi. Sorry this has to be my first new post in, like, years.......but I was wondering if anyone here had ever dealt with Big Chief Studios. I ordered the 1/6 scale Tenth Doctor's Tardis for my wife- her big Christmas gift-
which included "Christmas Invasion" episode incentives. It was due to ship Nov 1. I've been checking it every day, because the page said it was due to be in stock shortly. This past Wednesday, the date changed to Feb 26 without notice.

I put in a cancellation, but they are slow in responding to anything. Two days, and nada. But they took a while to process my payments, too. Feb is completely unacceptable for something with Christmas incentives, and now I need that money to find a replacement gift for my wife. Sure, she's getting a boatload of crap, but this was THE gift. I am so pissed right now. Last year, her big gift arrived Jan 6! This is two years in a row, now:(

I paid in full in October, and I had damned well get that back, but my earlier $50 deposit is supposedly non-refundable, as a "cancellation fee". Total BS, since I have no choice. I paid through Worldpay/Paypal. They'll tell you when it's about to be in stock, but not when they move the date back, apparently. I wonder how many cancellations they're getting........


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I'm sorry to hear you're having troubles.
I've purchased all their Doctor Who figures directly through their website and have had no significant issues. I've found them to be very responsive when I contact them via their support email address support@bigchiefstudios.co.uk.
I've had the 11th Doctors Tardis on order since it was made available and don't expect it to arrive until mid next year.



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Yeah, I've tried to email them, but since Outlook is screwing with my email ......again (BS random security checks that tell me my password is incorrect), I can't send emails from my phone. Until I remember to borrow a laptop.

Until then, I've been waiting for them to acknowledge my cancellation "ticket" on the site. So far, zip.


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It's been a week since requesting a refund/cancellation on the site, and two days since emailing support the same request. No response yet. I feel like I'm being ignored.


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I am finally, officially over with big chief studios. I was watching some ninth doctor episodes on Amazon tonight, and brought down my ninth Doctor 1/6 scale figure that I have not looked at in months.

Keep in mind that he has not been displayed, he has been kept in his packaging on a shelf. I take him out only to find out his right arm is broken and hanging loose. Every single stinking figure that I get from them breaks!

Their quality is poor, the bodies are absolutely worthless crap! And they cost a third more than hot toys which are incredible figures.

I am over it! It’s like throwing my money away! They just put their third doctor up for pre-order, and I am not even the least bit interested at this point because their items are crap! Not to mention their release date is 2 to 3 years after their promised delivery date.