Has anyone done a Dr. Doom costume?


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Has anyone done a Dr. Doom costume? from the movie? I would ove to put one together but im not talented like you all are. Maybe I can buy one :rolleyes

Does anyone know if theres a pepakura file for a Dr. Doom mask?
Steven thanks for the link, not quite what im looking for, im looking for a movie replica
Unfolding is quite simple actually. I would do it for you but I'm at work now. I am sure you could find someone to help.
I have a helmet that I bought several years back. When I get home I can post some pic's. See if it is what you want.
dont know the exact size but I wear like a 7 1/2 hat and it fits me fine. The helmet comes in two half's. the face plate and the back plate so there is no problem putting it on like a stormtrooper helmet.
Here are the pics of the helmet / mask. It is made of fiberglass and is real solid. Would be will to sell LMK. The back plate is held on by strong magnets (I forget what they are called, I think rare earth magnets). There were three sets but one has fallen off but should be no problem getting another pair.
A guy at a paintball scenario I played in did a pretty good Doom on the cheap.
When I say "pretty good" I mean "It looked cool until he got shot all to hell" LOL

That's me in the Cap suit. It was a Marvel comics based scenario. In addition to Cap and Dr. Doom we also had Mephisto, Drax the Destroyer, Surtur, Adam Warlock, Nick Fury, Thanos, Morg the Merciless, Punisher and Spider-Man.
Here are the pictures of me wearing the helmet and one of the inside. The helmet is signed by the maker and dated "2007 #3" (cast). I cant remember the guys name but he did post the sculpt here on the RPF.
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