Has any of the Star Wars fans seen this yet??


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That is awesome. The costumes look amazing,i think i'd probably go to the dark side i love the costumes.

Thanks for sharing :)


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The expressions of the couple at the end were priceless.

And great job on the costumes and makeup.


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Ahh it got moved here, I put it in Costume Replica's due to the nice costumes worn in it, oh well as long as people see this :)


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Surely someone from the forum knows someone who knows someone who made the costumes? If so and you are lurking I just want to offer congratulations on an amazing job well done. It's hard to tell specifics from the videos (cast?milled? vacformd? Mix?) but holy cow they look amazing.

Side note I think my new paint for Shae is a good match for what is seen here so I may just go ahead and use it ;) Also, this is totally inspiring me to break out my dremel and tidy up my Shae costume. Mine works for the 30foot rule even 10 but I want it to look this crisp and clean ;)


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I've been waiting for someone else to make th Sith Acolyte armor so I can copy some ideas to improve my low budget costume. It's a shame that it appears that all of the Sith Acolytes had the same facial patterns.

I love the Malgus costume too, he looks massive. Good work to everyone invloved.


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thats brilliant, the costumes were really great, I'm supposed to be doing a malgus mask in the new year, it is a cool design

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That’s great. My guess is that it was put on by the folks at Star wars old republic, and they supplied all the costumes and sabers. The photography is to go to be amateur. Great job.
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I too would love to know who made the costumes, I know it was probably a commission done for Bioware. But still this is pretty impressive, and I love some of the reactions on people's faces.


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I'm wondering if LucasFilm themselves made the costumes. The Jedi were good, the Acolytes great, but the Malgus was amazing.

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Kind of a boring flash mob. But yes, the costumes were cool.

There's really not much they could do with this, given that you can't fight using fake lightsabers and have it not look cheesy. So I get why they just had to strike a pose and hold it...but it was kinda boring.

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