Hartnell Console Replica Project


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Hello forum goers!

I hope this is ok to post here, do tell me off/remove this post if you don't think so. But this is prop related! And TARDIS related!!

I'm David and for the past 5 years have taken a full size Tom Baker style TARDIS console to events around the UK. It goes down quite well with organisers, cosplayers and even the celebrities! (see below, Peter Davison (he played a Doctor or Vet?) and Hannah Spearitt (of Primeval and S Club 7). You can find our antics on Instagram as TheCuratorsTARDIS


And with the support of our followers, I am building a replica of the William Hartnell TARDIS console from 1963. This will be all lights, all moving, all ... sounding. And, when completed, will hit the road going to events!


Funds are being raised through kickstarter, and you can see the campaign here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/davidsnagel/the-hartnell-console-replica-project

If you're interested in getting to grips with this replica when it does its tours, head over to the page and support us or even with a supportive word or two, I'd love to hear from you. Backers will receive some nifty perks for their contributions.

And if this "takes off" (as it were), stretch goals *might* involve building some more fantastically 60s props to join the console...

Thanks for reading!


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Well, we hit our funding goal of £500 and introduced a stretch goal... to make the food machine and hit that too!


Thank you to others that contributed, we cannot wait...to have more to do!


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Sophie Aldred, aka Ace (McShane), has even given her support in this little endorsement video :)



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And how rude of me not to update this thread following our very successful campaign. By no means was it an amount that could make an entire room, but it sure well managed to cover the initial costs of making the remainder of the console, a food machine and a backdrop of the 60s interior roundels.


We're well under way with the build, with controls coming together, panels cut etc. delivery of the banner is expected in two weeks, the food machine is very nearly there (he says having only really got the body together this week), and we're 4 weeks away from the reveal event!!

WhatsApp Image 2021-09-18 at 14.03.53.jpeg

WhatsApp Image 2021-09-14 at 23.37.40.jpeg

WhatsApp Image 2021-09-09 at 14.52.58.jpeg

I expect the next update I give will be the reveal itself. Watch this space!


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Hello all!

At Bedford Who Charity Con, the Hartnell Console replica was unveiled. And while it wasn't finished as much as we'd have liked, everyone had nothing but nice things to say about it. Below are some pictures of the final state of the console.







As you can see, some control refinements, the panel edging, the collar "fins" and the central column innards remained to be done. With a few extra weeks to perfect those parts, I would mark this as done.

However, due to some personal challenges that have yet to fully fruition, the Hartnell Console Replica project will be permanently on hold until I've overcome these. The console was moved into storage at close of the event and will be resurrected a few months into 2022.

Thank you again to everyone involved in the project, from Terry and Aaron (our project prop builders) to our backers here and to every single person that has shown support since the beginning of the project. Honestly its been a rollercoaster and while regrettably unfinished, is at least presentable and I am very proud it is where it is.

Until next year, when the console comes out of storage, this is David over and out.


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Its been awhile hasn't it! I apologise. I sometimes forget the RPF is here (sssh don't tell anyone!)

The console has been doing a few rounds since its premiere in October. Here Colin Baker and Nicola Bryant took to the helm at _Great Yarmouth Comic Con_


and two little munchkins had a turn as well!


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