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We have a dozen or so wands, mostly Noble, that have a great wand box, but have no way to describe what is inside.

Now you might say that I should know whats inside! True, but after not seeing them every day, and not livivng in the Potter world, I lose track of who's wand is in the box.

So, I am wondering if anyone would be willing to invent and share a card or tag that can be placed inside the wand box to describe which wand it is. Something like a character card for the wand. Something designed with a Potter flair to it!
Well, I was thinking of just a Potter-esque name tag of sorts, just letting folks know which characters wand was in the box itself. But a more detailed description of who, what, and why would be very cool too!

See, I knew folks here would know how to handle this!
Here is a wand box label or card tag that I have created that is free to all who want it. The first example is blank in the center and can be filled in with whatever name or words you like.

The following are some examples of names for wands in rune-like letters. Anyone who would like me to create a name in this font in the label for them for free, just drop me a message and I will make it up for them.

Hope this helps.
This reminds me, I really need to finish doing my Wand Box Cards.. Still working on colour and design etc, but here is some early samples:



I'm doing these for all the wands.. Still getting colour etc correct.. Under the main picture area, is a big blank section, where people can get the actors to autograph them as well..
WOW!!! Those box cards look amazing! I totally love the style, if you finish em Id love to see em (wish I had any boxes to put em on lol,)
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