Harry Potter Wand Progress and Tutorial

Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by spiltkoolaid, Mar 19, 2015.

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    Hi there! This is my first post on RPF, so I apologize if I've posted in the wrong thread! But anywhos, I wanted to share some progress photos of my most recent made prop. I would love some critique as well! (Be gentle XP) Thanks!


    I used a wooden dowel and Sculpey clay as my mediums for the wand.


    Using a toothpick, I began fleshing out all the details and characteristics of the wand.


    After some time in the oven and a good coat of paint and gloss, this is the finished product:


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  2. ultraman

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    pretty awesome job!
    i look forward to seeing more of your stuff!

    welcome to the site!!
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    I also make wands. Our only difference is I use non-toxic epoxy putty. Needs no baking, it cures after 3hrs and becomes rock-hard after 8hrs.
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    Thanks, ultraman!

    Fenris, that's really cool! You gotta be a quick sculpt then. :D
  5. Fenris

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    Yup, I need to be fast in sculpting, but because I'm so used to making wands it's become second nature to me. I just need to make sure I finish before the putty semi-cures otherwise it'll be hard to work with.

    Here's a link to my wands, in case you're interested:
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    Wow, great stuff. Coming along nicely!

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