Harry Potter - Umbridge's Brooch and Pin

ATL Kenobi

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Here’s how I made the brooch (pin) and ring as worn by Umbridge in the Harry Potter movies.

The brooch first:
The brooch was made using 5 parts: a clear glass 34x24mm cabochon with a kitten and rose image glued to the back of it, a slightly modified 40x30 brass beaded bezel cup, a brooch pin, some flat back 3mm topaz “gems”, and some black tinted casting epoxy.

Because of the heat involved, the first thing was to solder the pin to the back of the bezel cup. I then placed the cabochon in the middle of the bezel, holding it in place with a small dab of RTV. I then mixed up a small batch of the epoxy and carefully poured it around the cabochon.

Once the epoxy set, I glued on the gems using very small dabs of a dark adhesive (steel J-B weld).

The ring is almost done. It's a little more complicated...



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that's pretty awesome ATL!
i bet you could get an awesome ring box (or just make one) and fill it up with all the different rings from potter!
that would make a wicked display piece!:cool

ATL Kenobi

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The ring appears to be slightly smaller than the brooch, but it also has what looks to be 26 small round pearls encircling it. I searched high and low for a 25x18mm blank setting with pearls but couldn’t find one. OK – so I’ll have to attach the pearls, but how’s that done where they won’t easily get knocked off? Ask google. Simple – you use pearls that have holes drilled half way through them and attach them to studs. I did a scaled drawing and figured they need to be 2.5mm in diameter. More searching. There seems to be many 2.5mm half-drilled fresh water pearls (not necessarily round), but choices for round ones are limited. J.P.Stahura sells them but $3.33 apiece times 26 is a bit much for me. So I bought 100 undrilled acrylic 2.5mm imitation pearls with the thought that I would drill them myself. How hard can it be?

I found an adjustable ring blank and a crown type setting, soldered them together, and dry brushed some black paint on it.

For the pearl studs I used steel wire (from twist ties). These were held in place with a piece of double sided tape until I could glob on some RTV which holds the wires in place and seals the back of the cabochon. The little "tabs" on the crown of the setting were pressed over to hold the cabochon.

The pearls are tiny!

After contemplating for about 2 weeks on how I could possibly drill the pearls, it occurred to me; what if I were to use the chuck out of an old broken Dremel tool, align it with the chuck in the drill press using a steel pin, drop a short piece of 3/32” aluminum tubing in it, set a pearl on top of that, tighten the chuck, put a NO. 0 center drill in the drill press, set the drilling depth to 1/16” and try drilling with that?

That might just work. Repeat 34 times. (I only dropped three pearls on the floor – never to be seen again)

Using clear two part epoxy, I glued the pearls to the ring. I initially used small strips of tape to hold the pearls in place, but found this wasn’t really necessary.

Finished. :)



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