Harry Potter: The Travel Trilogy by Gilderoy Lockhart

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Hi guys,

I've been working on The Travel Trilogy by Gilderoy Lockhart recently, and wondered how I could get these badboys out in gold?

Gold foil is pretty messy from what I've experienced, and I'm not sure gold foil would attach to snake skin paper.

Any ideas about how I could do this, even any tips and tricks, would be amazing. I know a lot of you are accustomed with graphic design and printing methods/techniques, etc.

Do let me know.



VoyagesPic_zps95wwrgbi.png WanderingsPic_zpsxjiaomji.png HolidaysPic_zps67fbtlpa.png

(Originals below)

Gilderoy_Lockhart_The_Travel_Trilogy_brown_zpsay13fprc.png Gilderoy_Lockhart_The_Travel_Trilogy_red_zps5j8i8rtq.png

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that's going to be a bit tricky.....the only other ways i can think of doing it is:

1) paint it with gold enamel or acrylic paint...(which would take for ever and you'd have to be super good at painting)
2) silk screen it....................................................(which would be fast but cost some money to pull off)
3) have it done with a vinyl cutter on some metalic gold vinyl then you stick it on yourself

just a few ideas off the top of my head


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I used to have this thingie called Color Tag. It's like a foil that has a mini iron. It sticks to documents (or artwork) printed on using a laser printer. I don't think they make 'em anymore. The foils came in different colors too.


Maybe you could find something similar.


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What you have there is a foil deboss. I work in litho print and have done a little research into foil blocking to see if it is possible to produce short runs or samples for clients. I have discussed the topic with professional foil blockers but have not found a cheap way to produce the effect you are looking for.

The professional method involves creating a metal plate that is heated on a special press. When the hot plate is applied to the substrate it debosses and foils as part of the same process. As you might imagine, creating this custom plate is expensive. There are other methods of foiling involving UV setting adhesives and foil film but these will not get you the deboss… and they are impractical on short runs as again, the machinery used is incredibly expensive and the cost is in the initial set up.

There are a number of methods of producing an emboss or deboss at home. You can laminate cut card layers then place a material over this, then use an embossing tool to work the detail into it, but from there you’re going to have to manually apply the gold, either with glue and foil or paint of some kind… which is time consuming and hard to make look professional.

Having spoken to people on this forum I have discovered it is possible to fuse gold leaf onto laser printer toner with judicious use of an iron, but of course you need to set up your artwork carefully so the areas you are foiling are relatively isolated. In theory you can then print over/around this with an inkjet printer… but this doesn’t help you with your current project.

There are two more things I can throw into the mix for you. One is a type of gold paint used by guilders which is effectively gold in solution. It might be easier to manipulate than sheets of leaf but maintains that bright shine. Perhaps if you can find a good method of masking the surface this might be effective. Perhaps screen printing can help you achieve this?

The other is gold embossing powder. This adheres to a mildly sticky glue and can be melted into place with the hot air rising fro a toaster. It’s popular with crafty types… but the interesting thing is that the glue can be applied with a rubber stamp, the powder sprinkled over the substrate, the excess gently blown away, and then heated to set the design. It’s possible to produce some quite fine work using this method, and it is easily repeatable allowing the production of short runs. You just need to create an appropriate rubber stamp.

This probably hasn't been much help but good luck with your project, and let us know what you discover in the process.
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Thanks for the responses guys. Gonna start experimenting with different techniques soon.

Also found a company that produces custom brass dies for de-bossing, although like you say it probably wont be cheap.

Will keep you posted.

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If you have access to a Cameo Silhouette, you can use their adhesive sheets to cut out the lettering, apply it to the books and then gold leaf over it. It'll be easier than messing with the glue.


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I am almost done with my box set but was wondering what the closest thing people have used for the brass feet.


These are the references photos I am going by. Not 100% sure which are the true ones on the actual prop.

I have looked online for a few days and these were the closest I have come up with:










But non of these I am 100% happy with as they either don't have enough toes, etc.

If anyone has any input I would greatly appreciate it.


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If I were you, I'd sculpt one foot that you like out of polymer clay or ApoxieSculpt, then make a silcone mold from it and create the set of identical feet from resin or clay. You could then glue them to your box set.

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